In 2015, we launched the Youth Environmental Challenge to inspire & empower youth to protect the planet. In its two years, the Drizzle YEC saw more than 350 participants from over 25 countries complete over 2000 eco-friendly actions.


Take the challenge

By signing up to the YEC, you'll be pledging to complete 10 environmentally-friendly actions over the course of the school year. Whether big or small and no matter what those actions are, over time you’ll reduce your impact on our planet and help create a global youth movement toward a more sustainable future. 

Endless possibilities

The YEC is your opportunity to get closer to nature, develop sustainable habits or champion an environmental cause. We have a ton of ideas for eco-friendly actions, which we'll share throughout the year, but the YEC is really all about your ideas. Get creative, collaborate and see where the challenge takes you.

Share the YEC love

Sharing your ideas and actions on social media and tagging #DrizzleYEC will keep the momentum going and inspire youth around the world to take action to protect the planet.


We're launching the YEC Digital Platform in 2018!

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