7 ways to have an eco-friendly summer

By Lindsay Curtis

Summer has (finally) arrived in Vancouver and after the long hard winter it is time to get outside and soak up some quality Vitamin D!  Whether you are hiking the Chief, chilling in Dude Chilling Park or SUP’ing in False Creek remember there are a ton of ways to make your summer more eco-friendly

1. Leave No Trace

Wherever you spend your time outdoors it’s incredibly important to #LeaveNoTrace.  The annual Celebration of light is a prime example of this, with fireworks viewers leaving mass amounts of garbage around English Bay and Stanley Park after each fireworks night.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup has some great tips for removing trash as well as a list of cleanup locations occurring all summer long http://www.aquablog.ca/2016/07/five-firework-cleanup-tips/

2. Stop Sucking

Have you taken the #stopsucking pledge?  With 500 million plastic straws used daily in the U.S. they are a huge contributor to marine debris and one of the easiest to avoid. Say no to the straw or bring your own and remember you can also bring your own mug, bottle or even cup lid when you go out.  Check out strawlessocean.org and igotopless.org to learn more about removing plastic waste from our oceans.


3. Eat Local

Have you checked out a local farmer’s market yet?  It’s a great place to shop local, pick up some great produce, eggs and meats!  Bringing your own produce and cloth bags are great way to go the extra green mile


4. Suns Out, Guns Out! 

Remember to always be sun safe including researching and using a safe sunscreen, one that is oxybenzone free


5. Love Food, Hate Waste

Did you know over 50% of food waste is avoidable?  If your summer fruits and veggies are starting to wilt, don’t throw them out, throw them in a smoothie! Check out great recipes and food saving tips from


6. Love Food, Hate E-Waste

Have some e-waste left over from your spring cleaning?  Check out the city of Vancouver’s e-waste recycling events all over the city


7. Snapchat for Science!

Get outside and use your phone with iNaturalist!   The Canadian Wildlife Federation invites you to explore and share your observations of the natural world allowing you to discuss your findings and add to citizen science all with a click of your phone!