Why I joined Drizzle

Aisha is a Director of Drizzle and has been with the organization since it's creation in 2014.

From my younger years, I’ve harboured a love for the great outdoors. The strength and height of the trees amazed me, as did the flow of the never-ending creeks, rivers, and streams. The way nature managed to sustain itself seemed perfect. However, after learning about the negative effects humans have had on the environment in just the last few decades, I had a desire to speak up against what we were doing. I joined leadership programs where we focused on voicing our opinions and speaking up for what we believed to be wrong. I would read about people protesting in front of government buildings to try and bring about change. Though these “public disturbances” seemed to work in some cases, they seemed like an insufficient way of opening people’s eyes to what was really going on. Naturally, after first hearing of Darcy’s idea, I was hooked. It held promise of a better future created through education. We would educate our future politicians and government officials. The earth is my home and this organization is my way of taking care of it.

Aisha MohammedComment